Starter Kit + TRVs installed, no hot water

Set Up:

Y Plan, Worcester boiler (not combi, but fully pumped (expansion tank, not gravity fed)).

Wireless Thermostat in hall

8 Tado TRVs installed on 8 out of 9 radiators (one rad is normal and fully open in the hall)

CH working as expected, rooms on schedules, TRVs working fine, get happy.

However, HW is not working.

Install instructions for replacing the Honeywell control unit was perfect and straight forward.

The test button on the Wireless Receiver (that replaced the Honeywell timer unit) works for CH but not for HW. The white LEDs that are on seem to blink.

When the unit is in config mode (holding HW and CH down for 5 secs) the power light is yellow, indicating a combi boiler setting, not green for Y Plan. Try to save in Y plan setting and LEDs blink white.

As a backup I can use the immersion heater, but baffled as to why HW not working.

Can anyone help?