Extension Kit not working

Hi can anybody help. I have just bought taco smart heating and installed my extension kit but it will not let me complete installation in my account online. There are no phone numbers to speak to anybody, live chat doesn’t work, and I have no heating!!!!!!


  • MichaelMichael | Moderator

    Hello Ryan,

    Excuse us for the late reply, but you can ask for support with the following link:

    Kind rergards,


  • Hi I have the same problem the extension kit doesn't even power up albeit being correctly wired via jumper 2, I assume its a faulty unit and have returned it to the apple store and purchased another direct from tado website. Fingers crossed the new one boots up to access pairing mode with bridge and my tado smart room thermostat.



  • Snap after 3 weeks mine is doing the same, nothing from Tado so far so sat here freezing
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