Basic Smart wired thermostat question

Hi Currently my Drayton Central heating(only) controller on my Ideal Logic+ will shut down when the room it is in reaches the control temperature or it's timer program does the same .

So as it is rooms with Smart Radiator valves get shut down even if the set Temp isn't reached

I am thinking of replacing the Drayton with a wired smart Stat. My question is:- Is the Tado system intelligent enough to shut down the boiler only when ALL the Valves in the house are Off.

I think I have seen some replies that suggest this is so but if someone can confirm?

Cheers Steve

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  • wateroakley
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    @sgg1951 Tado calls the boiler for heat whenever any of the scheduled rooms (zones) that have a Tado room stat or TRV is scheduled and needs heat. You're not stuck with the single fixed room stat that shuts off the boiler when other rooms with dumb TRVs are cold.

    E.g. we heat the north wing during the day, the south wing during the evening, and are reminded to turn everyting off when we go out. That's made a >25% saving on our use of gas in 2022.

    The system limit is 10 zones (rooms) with up to 25 devices. More than 10 zones, you'll set the room as 'independent': a TRV that can be scheduled for temperature by day/time but doesn't call for heat.

    Depending on your setup and position of the current room stat, I'd suggest the wireless starter kit and TRVs for the rads. That gives you most flexibility.


  • Thanks wateroakley. That was how I figured it. It was easier for me to connect a wired stat as zone controller. done now and seems to be working well, still waiting for more TRVs to be delivered before I can get full control.