Dual zone, with water tank

Hi everyone.
We have currently have a dual zone setup with wired thermostats upstairs and downstairs. The boiler is in the kitchen with a hot water tank/heater in the airing cupboard where the timing controller is.
Ideally I would like to change it all out for a tado smart system with the smart TVRs on the radiators.
Is this possible? Which kit would I need to buy? We were told we couldn’t have the Hive system with our boiler.
How easy is it install?
Thank you.


  • Don't bother it doesn't work with 3 valves. From what I can see. And tado are misleading people to buy wireless starter kit with wired thermostat.
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    Don’t agree with that at all. It should be possible. You would need a smart thermostat to control one heating zone and a wireless receiver to control the other heating zone and hot water. If your timer is a three channel programmer - I.e it controls both heating zones and hot water - you’ll need to do some rewiring. TRVs can be added once you have the system working.

    Just realised the op is from December but if you’re reading this, it’s still the same.
  • I bought wireless starter kit v3 for downstairs radiators and hot water. I also bought wired smart thermostat for upstairs zone radiators only. But which ever I switch on the app all radiators turn on. Followed all the instructions reluctantly replaced tpone m for wireless receiver. But the instructions told me to do this. Any suggestions welcome
  • GazzaH
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    I agree with Johnnyp78. HIVE can do this and it's a basic smart control. You fit a dual channel receiver and a single channel receiver.

    With Tado, you could fit a dual channel wireless receiver for heating and water and another wireless receiver set in combi boiler mode (yellow light) to control the other zone.

    Or, the kit Sharpmango bought should still do it.

    I think it may be a case of how the items were 'discovered' and added on the Tado system?

    Maybe the twin channel kit needs to be done first, rooms named and left to settle for half an hour. Then add the second, wired kit, name the room and leave it to settle.

    Any problems after that, I'd say it would be a request to Tado to just make sure that upstairs controls upstairs and downstairs controls downstairs.

    I've only fitted two Tado kits myself (own house a wired v3 and a customer a wireless v3) but I have faith in Tado, it's German and it's more advanced than people think and they're starting to get money put in by bigger players. there's a few things that Tado has thought of and can do that other smart controls haven't and can't do.

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    @GazzaH there’s supposedly a limit of one wireless receiver/extension kit per system though I think some people have made it work with two. Tado’s advice is to use a wireless receiver and a smart thermostat.
  • johhnyp78, Can the wireless receiver not do the heat and hot water via 230V and a wired Tado thermostat do the other zone via 230V then?

    If it can't do a two zone house with a cylinder then that's a major flaw!

    Drayton wiser can do loads of devices. Hive can even handle this set-up!

  • johnnyp78
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    Yes that’s fine, just can’t use two wireless receivers, supposedly.
  • OK good, that's a relief!