Landscape Mode for Tado app

Not sure if this is s new idea, as usually a standard option for an app that is a controller.
I am new to tado, but invested in home automation and having a wall mounted tablet is pretty popular choice, usually mounted in a landscape orientation which is a must for cctv viewing. 95% off the apps I use for this, screen rotation is a standard option.
Am I missing something or has tado not implemented something this simple ?
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  • Are you using an Android tablet? At least on my iPad the app will display in landscape without any issues.

  • I have an iPad which displays Tado in Landscape mode.

    But I use an Amazon Tablet (cheap) as a home dashboard/controller but it only shows Tado in Portrait.😥

    Landscape mode for Android please!

  • Am I missing something here........I'm using my Android tablet (Asus) in Landscape mode........on all screems

  • With so many flavours of Android and each manufacturer applying their own skin on top of the stock Android system, it doesn't surprise me that the app performs differently on some tablets.

  • Can anyone confirm whether Tado can operate in landscape mode on Android tablets? Would be very helpful for wall panels.

  • On my iPhone, the Tado app is in portrait mode apart from the graph screen which is landscape.