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Hi there,

I'd like to be able to add and remove the Zone Controller from certain rooms in different time blocks.

I'd like to have my kids rooms call for heat from the boiler at night but have them not call for heat during the day. I'd still like the rooms to get heat if some other room was calling for heat though so changing the zone controller within a time block would be idea.

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    But don't hold your breath; I suppose unless tado goes open source in some way, or finds another way to get more prpgrammers to work for them without it costing them anything in some other way, this entire section of the forum is of very limited use.
  • One way I use this is to go into the Settings, Room function and change the "manual control on tado device" option to "Until Next Automatic Change". I have a bunch of schedules that effectively resets the temp to reasonable levels. Another way you could achieve this is allow them to change the temperature, but revert after 20 minutes. I'm doing this in some of my rooms (especially the constantly cold teenagers!)