Set A/C mode across schedular

I have an a/c unit that I use to cool the house in the summer and heat in the winter.

Using the tado a/c controller, if I set the a/c mode to auto it creates a problem. When a scheduled time block has a lower temperature than the one before it, the a/c will actively start to cool. In the winter this is not a desired behaviour, rather I just want the unit to stop heating.

To solve this I have to ensure the a/c is in heat mode during the winter, rather than auto or cool. The problem is that this has to be set for every individual time block in the schedule.

Rather than have to go and change the mode in every individual time block, I’d like the ability to set it across the entire schedular. That way in the winter I can select heat mode, in the summer I can select cool or indeed auto.
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