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Bought Tado for my Airbnb, love it - bought a 2nd system for my home only to discover no multi home function. Have since read on this forum, and other places, it’s not available so had to return. C’mon Tado… you are not listening to your customers… it’s a pretty basic - and fundamental - requirement!
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  • Many years have passed and there is still no sign of any progress on adding multiple locations. I'd like to add a second Tado system to my office, but there is no facility to do so on the app. It makes no sense. We the customers are less likely to invest in the Tado ecosystem if it cannot grow with us.

  • Not gonna happen with the current generation of tado devices.
  • Thanks for continuing the thread GrayDav4276 - when you say "the current generation of tado devices" does that mean you have knowledge of what limitation is preventing this feature?

  • To the best of my (very limited)'s basically the unwillingness/inability of tado° to devote the time and resources to achieve this feature. Plus tado° have stated (somewhere) that they are concentrating on developing their next generation of devices.

  • Come on Tado explain yourself as to why you are unwilling to provide this feature