Graph scale in 1 degree increments

The graph scale is very odd. It is either in units of three or units of six degrees. This makes it very difficult to work out what temperatures the line is reading when it is between the labeled grid lines.
It would be much easier to read if the graph scale was simply in units of one degree with ideally subdivisions of either 0.1 or 0.5 between the major lines. This will be very to implement and make the graphs more usable.
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  • Hmaharg
    The increments on the graph are confusing. Half degree increments would be a simple and easily read solution.
  • OpaSmurf
    Fully agree.
    1.5 degree per division is awkward
  • rach123

    I've joined the forum just to complain about this. It's so confusing to have 1.5 increments. In this example the segment line is at 17.5. In the previous days graph the minimum was 15 and the max was 18, making the segment line at 16.5, which makes it confusing to scroll between days.

    Please, please, please can you get this sorted.

  • PeterBUK

    I agree. Needs lines every degree and vertical lines every 2 hours.