Loosing connection to wireless receiver

I have started to loose connection to the wireless receiver recently. I turned the bridge to a vertical position and this had improved until today when it lost connection and didn't turn heating on this morning. My boiler and receiver are in the centre of an apartment. The thermostat is in the open plan kitchen lounge. The bridge is on the far wall a few feet away from the router, plugged in with ethernet cable. Should I be trying to bring the bridge to the centre of the apartment with a powerline adaptor?


  • Have you tried the 101 tech solution of switching the router and bridge off for 30sec then back on again?
  • I've not tried that but will give it a go. Thanks
  • paul0000
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    I try to remember to reboot/power cycle my internet bridge and extension kit weekly. Whilst I still get drop outs they seem less frequent when I remember to reboot.