viessman eco mode for DHW


I own an viessmann vitodens B1KF on opentherm protocol apired with tado v3, since i changed to opentherm my eco mod(preheat) option disappeared from both boiler screen and vicare app.

its not on viessmann side i ve talked to viessmann and they said this:

"Have you spoke to Tado about the DHW temp setting ?

The ECO stays On under opentherm, the control panel on the Boiler becomes redundant as the OT controls the Burner modulation and the Heating Flow Temperature, if the Pre Heat needs to be turned Off then currently this can only be done by a Viessmann Service Engineer visiting Site and connecting their Software tool to the boiler to set ECO to ON."

so i would be nice from tado to add sucj an option in their app.


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