Can Tado work with no wifi?

I have just moved into a new home with tado devices on all radiators except bathroom. I tried to manually turn boiler on set at 22 degrees and no heating comes on. I was told you can control heating with the tado thermostat and the extension box. So I pushed the button on the top of the extension box until light was solid and with thermostat showing 22 degrees no heating is coming on? Does anyone know how to get my heating on or even to remove tado as this is too complicated?

Lisa from pudsey


  • Hi Lisa - pudsey not far from me! Unfortunately not able to visit.

    I installed Tado myself about 3 yrs ago. If you've only just moved in you will need to read the installation/user manual which should have been handed over - but can be viewed and downloaded online. Getting the extension box communicating properly can be a bit problematic, but once done I've had no problems in 3 years.

    maybe a daft question, but is the boiler master switch on?

    It should be easy enough to get going - please don't uninstall it, you'll find that it controls temperature perfectly and economically - can save a lot of cash! If you still get no result the best route would be to get a tado installer to go through it with you. I occasionally see a white van with Orange tado logo buzzing about in yorkshire. Check this out but I don't think it'll cost much more than 50 quid.

    You can find tado installers somewhere on the Tado website. Good luck.

  • Yes boiler master switch on as its heating water. Just can't get the radiators to work.

    The last people who lived in the house said it was working when they left.

    I have no internet , no wifi, no phoneline and no router. A tado customer service rep told me I could switch on with no internet router? Is this true?

  • Have you tried putting the Tado rad valves to manual, if so and still no heat you may have a defective 3port valve, which is a mechanical/electrical device that receives info from Tado, if the micro motor is burnt out or the valve is stuck you will not be able to get heating on. You could put 3 port valve into manual mode but you will lose temperature control of your house causing overheating on both hot water and heating until the fault is rectified.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi Lottie
    Quick update Tado requires does require Wi-fi to operat correctly, however if you follow my advice at least you’ll get the heating on.
  • I managed to get the boiler on manually, I now have WiFi connected , but the bridge link button flashes constantly and the heating still does not come on. This tado system is not simple! Think you need a degree in computer science to understand it.
  • Hi Lisa,

    I hope you got it going in the end?? Should now be helping you to breeze through this cold weather comfortably!