How to adjust away/frost protection temperature

This week with the temperatures hitting -10 I had 2 radiators which overnight got frozen pipes . 1 radiator is in a garage conversion, the other radiator is an original of the house in the room above the remaining garage. So both radiators are on the edge of the house.

I had the temparature in those rooms set to 12 degrees overnight (lower than I've had in previous years to save some money)

when they should have kicked in again they didn't and they have only started working today now that we have a thaw.

So I now know I have to keep those rooms well above 12 or the pipes in the walls will freeze.

So this brings me to frost protection which is set at 5 degrees and away mode in geofencing..

I think there is currently no way I can use these modes if I'm going away for an extended period unless I can change the minimum temperature.


  • @bonnara Our boiler is in an a garage cupboard. We have a hard-wired frost stat to fire up the boiler and make sure the insulated pipework in the garage does not freeze. The first thing to do is make sure you have hard-wired frost stats, connected to your boiler wiring, in the locations that are susceptible to freezing temperatures. Relying on the frost protection of Tado trvs and room stats, when you have pipework susceptible to freezing, is asking for trouble.