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is this company still operating. I cannot get in touch

I have been on the chat line since earlier in the year with lots of questions about the system. When we bought all the hardware to install the system - including 18 smart radiator thermostats, I tried very hard to get questions answered about installing. They just kept coming back with more and more questions about my old system which I had explained multiple times would no longer be there as we were having a new boiler and getting rid of the old programmer and thermostat

. All this took place between the beginning of August and 19th September without any satisfactory answers. Then I had to go on holiday and our boiler is being installed on Monday 14th October and I cannot contact anyone at all. I wrote an email more than 24 hours ago labelling it URGENT. I cannot access any Live Chat - except in the Sales Dept. Even for an emergency there is no person there, you have to leave a voicemail!

I had my doubts about this company as soon as I realised that their policy is not to speak to their customers but was so attracted by the system that I spent a lot of money and bought the necessary hardware. I am now bitterly regretting having done so. My plumber is not going to be very pleased when he arrives.

Has anybody had a similar experience or any idea how to make contact with Tado?

I'm sorry - I didn't mean to attach the docx

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  • Yes, Same here, Tado support is bad. Noone is available in the weekend. No support in my language. All and all bad support while my system keeps giving back errors during the installation process. And no heating in the house!

  • Hi I have just read your enquiry and if you are still having problems with installing then Barlows are qualified to install and set up the Tado and any smart radiator valves.
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