Is my boiler compatible , Worcester greenstar 30i ErP

Hello all ,

I am looking at getting a Tado wireless setup but confused about compatibility.

Currently next to my boiler I have a Altech receiver and have a wireless Altech althco14 thermostat.

Also have a switch next to boiler to cut power off to it completely.

Should it be an easy enough swap over?


  • If it’s a combi boiler it should be a relatively simple swap. It will likely just be a matter of unwiring your current receiver and wiring in the Tado wireless receiver. If you’re opening the boiler you should be gas safe registered or using a professional who is.
  • WillYZF
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    Wise words perhaps, but for someone who is willing to perform non gas related minor repairs on my own Combi boiler it seems a little extreme. I recently replaced my leaky front flue (common problem) and an aged manual timer, both easy with a little forethought and planning and no doubt a lot cheaper than a gas safe registered person. In fairness I have recently spent £400 with a gas safe registered person for more complex issues and a final safety check.

    Seriously, Is it illegal (in the UK) to remove the front cover of your own boiler these days for non gas related reasons?

  • If it’s integral casing then yes

    Seems a little over the top if you’re just replacing a thermostat but those are the rules.
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    As Johnny says, it’s straightforward. We cut the old room thermostat cable and used it to connect the Tado wireless receiver CH COM and NO into a greenstar combi boiler.

    The U.K. regulations tell us to leave the insides to a gas-safe registered professional. Rules is rules.

  • @johnnyp78 Interesting reading. From that factsheet it would appear that the front case of my Vaillant 937 would count as decorative. There are definitely no combustion seals on it, there is one screw that is loosened but not removed and then it's just 2 clips to release and it lifts off.
    I've watched the service engineers take it off a few times.
    I have not yet needed to do this myself. When I fitted my extension kit I was replacing a Vaillant ebus wireless receiver had been mounted remotely from the boiler - wireless range problem - so the ebus cable was already run to a suitable position.
  • @Kissarmy that’s an integral case then, you’re ‘undoing a number of screws’ to release it. Should you choose to do it yourself, no one would be any the wiser but those are the rules.