Use wired smart thermostat to give EBUS connection to boiler then add wireless

Can any advise if a wired smart thermostat can be used to give the boiler connection with EBUS and if additional wireless smart thermostats can be added so that a extension kit is not required?


  • Yes, if you have a combi and Tado supports your boiler’s version of ebus.
  • Thanks for the response I have a vaillant boiler which is showing as being supported, I currently have it running on the V3+ kit with wireless extension and wireless smart thermostat and already showing a reduction in gas usage after just one day so was hoping to get a wired thermostat to essentially replace the wireless extension and keeping the wireless thermostat then take advantage on modulation of the boiler by the Tado.

    Would this be possible?

  • It should be. You’ll need to run + and - on the wired thermostat to the digital connections on your boiler. Park live and neutral. As you already have a Tado system installed you might need to configure it for ebus. Instructions below.
  • johnnyp78

    Thanks for the update, I think this will be a project for the new year as just purchased the V3+ kit and radiator thermostats