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I have just ordered a new V3+ kit with the radiator valves and we are waiting for the delivery. The set up will be so that every radiator will have the Tado radiator thermostat except for the hallway, the hallway radiators will always turn on whenever the boiler switches the heating on.

My question is, the Tado radiator valves only let us go up to a maximum of 25 degrees however we prefer to just let the radiators run on 5 for 30 minutes- 45 minutes then we manually switch off the heating. We don't want the radiators in some rooms to turn off when it reaches 25 degrees as we want them to stay on for the full 30 minutes.

Is there anyway to override the temperature setting on the valves and just let the radiators run on max temperature (like 5 on the non-smart thermostats) until we manually switch off the heating after 30-45 minutes?


  • That's not how Tado works. The system is designed to modulate the heat output from the radiators and boiler as much as possible to achieve the room temperature. The system is marketed for efficiency and it does this by managing a low but fairly constant heat output rather than maximum heat and then all off.
  • You could set the offset on the Tado devices to an extra five degrees, but just to check you know that the Tado trvs measure air temperature, not the radiator temperature? To be honest if you’re going to try to use your heating like this you probably won’t be satisfied with the way Tado operates. It’s designed to be run on a schedule to stick as close to the target temperatures set in the rooms as it can.

    You might be better off with a simple on off thermostat, or no thermostat at all and manual trvs on the radiators.
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    I completely understand what you guys are saying. However, the reason that we have ordered the smart radiator valves is because we only use a maximum of 2 rooms at the same time so we only need the heating on for two rooms most of the time although it would be a lot of effort to keep turning down the radiator valves in the rooms which are not being used, especially because the rooms being used change throughout the day. We’d have to continuously turn down some radiators and turn up some radiators.

    We hoped it would be easier to turn up/turn down different radiators through the app. It would also mean that we can just switch on the heating for 20 minutes instead of 45 minutes as half of the radiators in the home will be turned off so the radiators will heat up much quicker.

    The idea of offsetting by 5 degrees sounds ideal, I think I’ll do this.

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    Be prepared to rethink the way that you will have to operate your system once tado° devices are fitted.
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    @More4 I honestly think for the way you want to use your heating you’d be better off with something like hive rather than spending time installing a tado system. If you do go ahead with the Tado install I would set a schedule with base temperatures that you’re comfortable with.

    Unless you have amazing insulation/live in a hot country/have an industrial scale boiler and rads your rooms are never going to reach 25 degrees from off in 45 minutes, so setting an offset higher than this won’t make a difference anyway.
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    @johnnyp78 I may be mistaken when I assumed that my living room was reaching 25 degrees within 45 minutes, it has 2 radiators so it warms up very quickly but I may be mistaken as I've never measured the temperature. The other rooms don't get as warm in that time though.

    I see where you're coming from though, maybe I need more advice before I open the Tado packaging as some other solutions may be better. But for example you mentioned Hive, would I not be wasting half of the heat in the house as only 2 rooms would usually be in use so 70% of the radiators in the house would be kicking out heat for no reason. I know that I could manually turn down the TRV's on those radiators but that would involve messing with the TRV's frequently as the rooms which we'd be using would change often throughout the day.

    My plan with Tado TRV's was to leave all of the unused rooms on low-med (to prevent damp) and set the 2 rooms which we're using on the highest setting so that they warm up quicker and we would just need to use the heating for 20+ minutes instead of 45 minutes as the boiler is not focusing on heating up the entire house.

    We'd basically be cutting our boiler running time in half. Have I got the right idea?
  • As far as I understand it, hive won’t try to modulate to get to the target temperature, it will just kick out heat when it’s turned on, which is what you want. Plus it has controllable trvs.

    Tado and various other heating systems like nest don’t work like that, they try to create modulation so the heating doesn’t overshoot target temperature.

    If you want to get to the nitty gritty, heatgeek is a good place to start https://youtu.be/hkO-YNve2uE