Saved zones

Is there any way to have saved zones? For example, sometimes we may need to turn on the heating just for the living room + kitchen, then sometimes we may just want to switch it on for the living room + dining room. Or sometimes we may prefer to switch on all of the radiators in the evening to warm up the entire house.

Is there any way to save certain settings/zones so we can group a few rooms to come on together when those rooms are being used? Instead of manually changing each room through the app.


  • You can do this sort of thing with Alexa voice commands......if you have Alexa of course.
  • As @GrayDav4276 says, not without using something like Alexa or HomeKit, or creating ‘rooms’ containing multiple physical rooms on the app.
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    edited December 2022
    Thanks I can look into getting Alexa. Would I just tell Alexa to switch on the heating in the few rooms I wanted to use or does Alexa physically allow us to group a few rooms into a saved zone?

    I noticed you mentioned about grouping physical rooms into rooms in the app, that sounds like it could work, so I would basically make a room out of the living room + kitchen? I think that may just be an issue I will need to switch on the living room but not the kitchen.
  • Yes, that’s the problem - probably best to keep rooms separate on the app in case you want to set the heat differently.
  • Thanks for your replies, I’ll definitely be getting the Alexa to go with this. Then it’s just as easy as telling Alexa to switch the heating on for specific rooms or for all rooms as that’ll save me from manually deactivating/activating each room in the app each time.

    Thanks for your help!