Issue with new Smart radiator head

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I had the Tado Smart Thermostat with a couple of smart radiator heads installed.

A couple of days ago I received the Tado Internet Bridge with another smart radiator head. I was able to integrate the Internet Bridge in the system, but the radiator head arrived with a piece that does not seem to be installed (see attached pictures). I have not found a way to integrate the piece into the head. Is this something I should be able to do? Or should I request a new one? All the order smart radiator heads I have are working fine.



  • @bifo I’ve not had that part of the trv disconnected from the 24 trv we have installed. Just looked at one trv on our desk, and the black part is not easily disconnected. It might be screwed on though. If in doubt, best bet is to return the trv to the vendor and request a replacement.

  • Thanks, I have opened a ticket with the Support Center to review the issue.

    I would prefer to fix it myself to avoid the hurdle of sending back and this one and getting a new one, but if its not an easy fix probably thats for the better.