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Tado Extension Kit to replace Nest V3 (Heat link) ?


I currently have a Nest V3 thermostat with the Heatlink connected to a combi boiler in the UK. I'm thinking about replacing it with a Tado thermostat and Extension kit after using the radiator valves.

Has anyone done this, and if so, was it a straight swap (take out heatlink, install extension kit with simple wiring swap) ?

I've asked customer services for any information on the installation (i.e. wiring diagram) but they've told me they're not able to give me anything as it's all available after you've bought the kit. Seems a bit odd that I have to buy something to find out whether it's compatible.




  • MichaelMichael | Moderator

    Hello Andrew,

    It is compatible, but installation instructions are only available for customers who bought it. You basically have to remove the heatlink and wire the Extension Kit directly to the boiler, BUT please follow the tado° online installation instructions when you want to install it yourself.



  • algae105algae105
    edited October 2019
    Thanks for your reply.

    I have to say, it still seems odd that you’re not able to share installation instructions to allow someone to make an informed purchase. To be honest, it makes me think adopting the Tado system will be a frustrating journey.
  • hey!

    I am in the same position and cannot find any info even though I have purchased and tried contacting support a few times. please help!

  • Hey, just an update on this. You can find the installer instructions for the extension kit by googling.

    I eventually bought the extension kit and followed the install wizard but they determined my Nest heatlink had been installed in a "non-standard" way and couldn't generate instructions for me. I got a friendly heating engineer to do the install (took about 20 minutes) and it's been operating for almost a year now.

    Very happy with the results but a shame support weren't able to help before purchasing.

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