Mixing Smart and Basic radiator thermostats


Perhaps this has been asked before, but I did a search and did not get any results for my question.

Can you mix the Smart Radiator Thermostats in a Tado setup.

For example I have a room with multiple radiators (two almost next to each other), would both radiators need to have the smart one or can one be a basic one?

I have also some other rooms where the additional features of the smart radiator thermostat are not that relevant for and would like to equip the basic ones.

Would this mixing of radiator thermostats be problematic?




  • The dumb TRVs will just continue to run irrespective of the smarts. So those that have not reached set temp will heat up whenever any Tado device calls for heat.
  • Hi thanks so the tado basic radiator thermostats are just dumb trv’s
    If that would be the case why use tado basic trv’s at all?
  • Ah, sorry, my mistake. No, Tado Basics are not dumb TRVs so will still also work to schedules and can be mixed with the more expensive ones.
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    @Jos83 you have three options. 1. Tado trv or room stat that sets temperature by day/time and will call for heat when needed. 2. Tado trv in ‘independent’ mode that will set temperature by day/time, but does not call for heat. 3. Leave your dumb trv on the rad, that sets the maximum temperature when something else calls for heat.

    You can mix and match 1 2 and 3. The limit for 1 Is 10 zones. The limit for 1 and 2. Is 25 devices.

  • Hey @Jos83,

    Did you do this?

    I've got quite a few rooms that have 2x radiators in each. I'm thinking that I could save a £30 per room by having the standard "smart" tado trv on one rad and the "basic" smart tado trv on the other.

    Is the app clever enough to use the expensive smart one for all the information but control both normal and basic smart TRVs for temperature?

    Is there any disadvantage to the basic tado TRV if you have a normal one in the same room?

    I feel like most of the answers in here haven't quite answered my question which I think is the same as yours was.

  • You could put basic Tado trvs in all your rooms and save more money. The only thing you’d be missing was a humidity sensor and the ability to turn to any temperature on the trv.
  • You will set one of the two TRVs in your room as the ‘measuring’ device. The other one will act like a ‘slave’ device.