Baxi Duo-Tec 28 HE A

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I have just fitted everything up and all ok. Starter kit V3+.

I have one question if anyone knows and is kind enough to help?

My boiler has an FM/1 wireless receiver and wireless thermostat, do I need to remove it?

There is nothing in the instructions that tells me anything?

I know how to remove it, but not sure what to do with the wiring if I do.

Thanks in advance.


  • I assume you're referring to an integral wireless receiver on the boiler's front panel. If you still have the manuals for the boiler and receiver there may be instructions on how to wire the the two together. However, if the Tado thermostat is working okay then leave it where it is. Usually the boilers come from the factory without the integral device and there's a dummy connector on the wiring harness that links two wires together. When the engineer fits the receiver they remove the dummy connector and throw it away.

  • Ahhh, ok will see how it goes.

    When my boiler service is due, I will see also ask the guy from Baxi..

    Thank you very much..

  • Hi @Vialli100 I have same system and just asked similar question. Tado has told me that Tado is not compatible with my system.

    Did you you just remove the link wire from the terminal block and connect the Tado receiver black and grey wires there? (Plus the live and neutral of course.) Does the old controller still have control of the boiler? If so, do you have to set the old controller to not demand heat all the time? Did you find out what to do with the wiring on the original FM/1 receiver? Sorry for all the questions!

  • I wired it as the Tado instructions.

    I put all the tabs to the outside on the Baxi thermostat and set the max and min to the max settings..

    It works perfectly.