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Help why won't the heating switch off?

We've had tado since last winter and all has been working well. However now the main thermostat appears to be broken and unable to tell the boiler to stop. Its showing the temperature is 23.7. We have it set for 20.1... the radiators it controls are still on!

Everything in the app looks ok... no errors and all connected. I tried resetting the devices but it hasn't made a difference.

Please help asap. We're burning up not to mention money with the heating on all the time!


  • I had the opposite problem.

    The app said it was requesting heat but the boiler didn't do anything. I contacted Tado support (by email). They reset my device (you can't do this yourself) and everything was working again.

    So my advice:

    Unplug the thermostat from your boiler until you receive help from Tado. That way you won't melt in your home and don't wast money on heating costs.

  • I’ve got the same problem as you Racheyroo. Been working fine and all of a sudden I’m coming home to massive overshoots in temperature. I wonder if anything has changed in the firmware to cause this?
  • Same problem as Racheyroo. Is anyone from Tado going to take notice of this or we're on our own? Does anyone know of a reply from Tado about this?

  • I have the same issue temp set 17 app showing 18.1 and still heating is on this doesn’t save money
  • Hi I managed to find a chat function on the tado site which seems to be the quickest way to get help. A technician looked at my set up and pointed out that there was a room that was actually heating that I hadn't noticed. So actually apparently no error... just my lack of observation. It seems a bit odd to me as that room is set to off overnight and the heating had been on all night... I decided to change the battery in that stat incase it wasnt closing off reliably. It does seem to have solved the problem.
  • I’ve had a similar issue, the living room was set to 19 and kept heating up to 23. The boiler was working because it was still heating another room and the tado valve in the living radiator was not closed. The problem in my case was the battery. I replaced the the batteries in the living room and 2 calibrations later the valve started working again and radiator was off. Didn’t had the same problem again since. .
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