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I'm a user of both the mobile and web apps. Would you consider adding the Energy IQ info in the web app as well? For this particular section, I always have to switch to the mobile app. This is the current dialog in the web app that appears when you click Energy IQ.

The display space would also be more generous in the web app - I would expect to be able to do more extensive analysis or set a wider time range in charts for example, check high consumption radiators, trends and outliers.

Thank you for your response in advance! All the best!

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  • andyblac
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    this has now been added to Version

  • Wow, amazing! Thank you!!

  • Yes it's great that now everyone can enjoy the total inaccuracies of the Tado EnergyIQ feature
  • rburli
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  • There seems to be a bug in the webapp Energy IQ pop up. As you open the menu and press under "Consumption by room", the "View all rooms" button , you are redirected to a 404 page.

    cc: @andyblac

  • Well done again tado° ..........

  • andyblac
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    @rburli yeah, noticed that too, and the £ is after the money number in forcast.

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    As the saying goes.......Rubbish In.....Rubbish Out

  • andyblac
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    @rburli "View All Rooms" is now fixed.

  • I have downloaded the "Loop App" which reads the details directly from both my Smart Meters and uses the tariff information for the current "Price Cap" suppliers.

    Although this only provides total usage for gas and electricity and provides estimates based on your actual usage........the major difference between Loop and tado°s EnergyIQ is this........Loop is accurate and tado°s is "Mickey Mouse"

    Readings are available for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual with the daily readings split into 30 min readings.......(tado° ?????)

    Plus Loop has access to the last 12 months usage any comparisons I wish to make are actually relevant.

    And 1 final's subscription fee........go figure tado°

  • andyblac
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    @GrayDav4276 ye I use Loop for my Electric meter, but my GAS Meter will not connect to the "Network" for Loop or my Energy Supplier, they tell me it too far from Electric meter to link, enough though it is less than 2 meters away, go figure...

  • johnbur
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    Hugo is worth a try as well - personally, I prefer the layout to loop
  • johnbur
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    ... and if you want the ultimate, get a Hildebrand IHD, then you can get realtime usage in their Bright app
  • andyblac
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    @johnbur thanks, but wont be much use to me, as my meter will not connect to the HAN, and thus my in home display never connects to the meter, it just sits says "waiting for data", i'm too rural it seems.

  • I've started adding daily meter reads to Energy IQ to see how intelligent Energy it is.

  • andyblac
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    @royi good luck, prob will make no difference, the Energy IQ is pure garbage.

  • @andyblac

    Well said

  • Thanks for adding this to the app.


    1. Give the user a way to error-correct based on their actual bill and/or please get your m3>kw conversion maths sorted so that putting in meter readings isn't such a pointless exercise.
    2. Provide a way to get to room graphs from energy IQ.
    3. Please also provide a way to get a room by room energy IQ analysis with previous months/years.
    4. Provide a way to switch between m3 and kw for Data source without wrecking years and years of capture?

    Re #1: I've been putting in weekly meter readings since September. Tado is pretending like I've used nearly 3000kw less gas than I have in that period which means it is alleging to have saved me all sorts of things it definitely hasn't. It is showing as much as 50% less gas used than I am actually using. I'm paying a sub for this element and it is just barefaced pretending like it is saving me more than it's costing.

    re #4 what is that about! Are you telling me that all the way up here in 2023 your devs can't write a data transform script?! I don't know much about code, so perhaps I'm talking out my other end here, but if I can manage this in Excel just using the built in help I reckon it must be possible on a proper system.

    Do you want some help, Tado? I know some devs, but you could also try ChatGPT, it's ace at drafting code at least as a starting point for an expert to build on? If you tell me what language your system is built in I don't mind trying a few prompts, as long as your language is one of the ones used on stack overflow and isn't newer than 2021 it's pretty darn good?

    That entire last paragraph is basically dripping with sarcasm, in as much as surely Tado has some proper devs in their employ. But... also I don't know what I don't know so am quite serious and not sarcastic (mixed messages, just like Energy IQ...): if this is something you genuinely aren't sure how to address, I genuinely do know a bunch of devs who would be willing to help, and I genuinely would recommend getting ChatGPT to rapidly prototype some code when you aren't sure where to even start (although I would be making a real dev properly test and check before I put it in a real system!!!).