Wireless Temperature Sensor

Is it possible to use 1 Wireless temperature sensor and to link it with 2 radiator thermostats that are installed in two different rooms?
The temperature shall be the same in both rooms but the temperature shall be measured in one wireless device.

Thanks for your guidance, Florian

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  • johnnyp78
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    You can’t do this with Tado. Devices can’t be shared across rooms created in the app.


  • Well, yes you could, no idea why you want this configuration. Probably best to have two zones. One zone with the stat and trv, and one trv in a different zone.

  • Thanks, but how to implement? When having different rooms (like dinner and living room) with both the same issue of a too much covered thermostat (heat accumulation) I can assign them both in the app only under 1 room for being able to link them with the remote temp device. When having the stats accurately located in teh app (one in living, one in dinner room) I can assign only for one the external mesaurement device but not for both.

  • Hi, just being reading your post and use case. When we installed Tado into our house we came across the challenge of controlling the Tado radiator thermostats because they do not necessarily provide an accurate temperature for the room. Overall it's a great system and we love it.

    Anyway, to provide more accurate room temperature control we have developed a wireless temperature sensor (WTS) that integrates into the Tado system and adjusts the Tado radiator thermostats to accurately reflect the room temperature. One of our Wireless Temperature Sensors can be configured to control more than one Tado zones. So maybe this would work for you.

    We are about 1 to 2 months away from release, currently testing and finalising the WTS enclosure for production. If you are interested then message me and I will let you know when we are ready to release.