Can TRV temperature display be inverted?

Just purchased TRVs and noticed that for vertical installation the temperature display is upside down which makes it difficult to read, especially for elderly people as the degree symbol is quite large. This is not how it is shown on some of the sales videos where vertical TRVs have the display the correct way up. Can this be changed?


  • Click on the trv in rooms and devices and select orientation
  • Thanks Johnny. I'll try it later and confirm.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @johnnyp78 I have never heard of that before and it doesn't work for me on any TRV. Am I missing something?

  • As far as I know Tado used to sell two smart trvs - one for horizontal fitting, one for vertical, which had displays that couldn’t be changed. Newer smart trvs can. The even newer basic trvs don’t have any display at all.
  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @johnnyp78 OK Thanks.

  • It worked for me. Thanks Johnny and Sam for replies. Yes, I have seen one or two adverts for vertical or horizontal Tado Smart TRVs but not many and not from major suppliers. I purchased yesterday from a big supplier and there was only one Tado 'Smart' TRV listed. The 'basic' version was often listed with many suppliers and comes without a digital display and just a printed scale to read from with manual adjustments.

    I'm not sure what made the display invert. It was upside down when battery tab first removed turning on the TRV and would not change. Of course I had to pair it to make it possible to see it in devices and select orientation, at which time I noticed it was already set 'vertical' and when I looked it had changed to the correct way up. There was an arrow pointing upward so I guess it could also be possible to switch that but I will try that when installing the next one.