Minimum kit to use Tado TRVs

Newbie here. What's the minimum kit needed to use the TRVs? I have a wired Nest thermostat and a combi boiler I'd like to keep (familiarity for the rest of the house is important). Rooms often feel way hotter than the thermo in the hallway. I'd like to use Tado TRVs to set a more exact temp for each room, change temp if I am out or two floors down, etc. I don't need the TRVs to call for additional heat, just limit it with some accuracy. So, would the smart TRVs with the internet bridge be enough, or does Tado have to have its own thermostat?


  • For your proposed application, there is no need to have an additional thermostat.

    As for accuracy, the TRV is quite good. However, if the TRV is located on a big radiator, or tucked behind some furniture, the reported TRV temperature may not be accurate for the room temperature. You do get the ability to set a temperature offset to compensate.

  • That's great, WaterOakley, really appreciate your input!