Returning left-over adaptors to TADO!

I bought a smart thermostat and 6 smart radiator knobs. After I've done the installation, I have quite some adapters as a left-over. I don't need them anymore. Not now or in the future. Does Tado has a sustainability policy? Are they making it possible to return those left-over things which are in a perfect condition and can be used by others? Of course, it is probably cheaper not to accept returned adaptors, but it would be more sustainable!


  • I recently saw Tado refurbished devices on sale. Maybe they have.

    Otherwise, if you are located in the Netherlands, marktplaats could be a good option. :)

  • If you get a wide range of adapters whether you buy new or refurbished, surely there is no market for left over adapters other than Tado acccepting them?