Wireless thermostat in room with standard radiator

Hi I have the smart heads on all my radiators bar the bathroom towel warmer and living room radiator, so I have the wireless thermostat sited in the same room would you fit a smart head here as well ?



  • If you want the living room radiator to be controllable via the App.......yes.
  • Won’t the thermostat control the same room radiator ?

  • Do you want the radiator to come on when the trvs in the other rooms call for heat?
  • At the moment I have all the strv’s coming on at different times and temperatures in different rooms, but the living room has an old trv with the wireless thermostat controlling the time and temperature in this room, So I was wondering if I should buy another strv head for this last room ?

  • @GrayDav4276 has said it all really. If you’re happy using a manual trv to keep the radiator off when your other trvs call for heat, don’t bother. If you want to control that radiator via Tado, put a Tado trv on it.
  • @johnnyp78

    I think that's clarified my comment.........at least I hope so 😎

  • Thanks all for the help