Could use some help with heat loss in living room.

In my semi-detached 3-beds house, I do have the setup with Ideal Vogue Max 32 boiler which as of Dec is being connected to Tado Wireless Kit (EU-ver). I run additional 4 Tado thermostats. I got them in 2 out of 3 bedrooms, the hallway (to control and monitor heat level), and in the living room. My main wireless sensor is linked to the living room. I did the heat loss calculation and the full house got about 7.5kWh due to poor insulation and additional rad in the conservatory. The living room is about 1.5kWh. I did the calc for reaching 20dec from -2deg if that any use.

Ever since swapping for the Tado with OPENTHERM settings, I have noticed about 30% drop in kWh usage in the entire house. I tend to leave 17-18deg during the day in all rooms going to 19-20 from 16:30 close to time to be at home. I do not have a need for heating water as I do run it off the boiler. Flow temp is set to 55deg and the entire system seems to be keeping the house warm and cozy without much effort and needs for high temp.

The fact I start wondering is how come the below figures are so much off. I do realize it is just 5 days but it seems very high for one room.

I do get a living room is the one mostly used (downstairs) and the Girl's is right above it. Yet the living room seems to be using most of the heat. Or is it due to the fact that the main wall thermostat is located and linked to the same room on the system and reads the rest of the house together?

I start wondering if this is due to issues with my room radiator but I would expect it to be enough as it is the biggest of them all.

Any thoughts and ideas would be kindly appreciated.


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    If the total kWh looks ok, I wouldn’t worry. It’s just slicing them up in proportion based on calls for heat. The Hallway is above set temp, probably due to migrated heat, and hardly calls for any (I presume).

  • Montage, it make sense. Does it mean that tado collects overall figure and spkit between rooms/sections accordingly to usage of the equipment?
    Does it use anything else to calculate this accurately?

    With that in mind it seems to make a point to split SRV with TRV in living room and separate sensor for location in location without thermostat and allow thermostats to call for heat when needed, right?

    Defo need to remove thermostat in hallway as it being wasted due to radiation of the heat.
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    That’s my suggestion. Can’t see what else it would do.

    I’m not sure I really understand your next sentence. My approach is not to zone, let alone micro zone. I have a thermostat, no SRTs and just use the odd TRV to limit rooms that would otherwise get too warm (upstairs, mostly).

    I use other equipment to monitor room temps and boiler performance, not Tado.

  • Can I ask what do you use to monitor it?
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    Room temps Philips Hue sensors. Sonoff with DS18B20 for boiler flow/return. Ultimately into Grafana.