Missing NO NC COM terminal block - is that normal?

My Tado v3+ Wired Smart Thermostat arrived "new in box" without the left side NO NC COM terminal block.

Is that a normal configuration of the product?

If not, does anyone know where to get a replacement? It should be a pretty inexpensive part!

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  • LonnieV
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    I realized that I don't need a connector block on both the left and right sides so, lacking the left side block, I popped out the right side one and pushed it into the left side.

    That immediately gave me back access to NO NC COM while trivially removing access to A + -.

    Problem solved.


  • Good job you solved it and managed to avoid frying the thermostat - it should definitely come with a block on both sides so you’re well within your rights to ask for an exchange.
  • Yet another example of tado° "QUALITY CONTROL"

  • To be fair to Tado, the kit I received was from a second party and the box was opened before I received it. The equipment is new but it might have been taken out for a trial installation before I received it.