Questions on basic concepts with how boilers are managed.

Ive been trying to work out how TADO manages eg Open therm on a boiler. Myvery simple combi boiler, for example, has what appears to be simply the main power coming into the circuitboard, from that there is the circulatory pump wires and this appears to be tripped on and off by the return temperature of the water via the signal from the boiler thermostat.

How does the TADO make this modulate more cleverly? does it speak to the boilers water thermostat (and therefore how is it accurate?) or does the system simply switch the boiler on and off when room temp is reached by the wireless thermostat on the wall. If its the latter surely we can just use radiator thermostatic valves instead?


  • Opentherm is a modulating protocol that both devices, Tado and boiler, need to speak. If your boiler supports it, Tado can set the heating water temperature rather than simply cycling the boiler on and off.