I have heating but no hot water via Tado

Hello everyone. We recently purchased the Tado Smart Wireless kit v3 with radiator trvs.

It's been a bit of a challenge setting everything up. At the moment, we're not seeing the hot water control button in the App. It previously was there but disappeared, and the manual button on our wireless receiver doesn't activate hot water either.

The heating seems to be working. We have a Grant Vortex Eco oil boiler with a hot water cylinder upstairs. The Damfoss programmer said Pumped on it despite our plumber thinking we had a gravity fed supply.

Any ideas on how you get both working via Tado? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


  • Interested to hear of any solution for this too.
  • If you use the desktop version of the forum you can post photos. Have you configured the wireless receiver for hot water control (section 6)?

  • Thank you for commenting, Johnnyp78. I'll try and post images of the system later, but yes, that's part of the trouble. When trying to configure (section 6), it won't go to blue for gravity fed. It only shows green and yellow before going back to white.

    I wonder if we've got the right receiver? Or would we better with a wired thermostat? Currently we have a wireless temperature sensor.
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    Are you sure you should stick with gravity fed? More systems are pumped than gravity fed, by a huge margin. Some people think it means you have a vented cylinder and a header tank, which is not the same thing.

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    If the wireless receiver isn’t configuring properly it might be one for Tado support. You could try making sure hot water support is enabled on the thermostat too, and that it’s set for relay (R01). Extension kit (ek) should be enabled too.

  • Hello.

    Newbie question... Is it possible to have a pumped heating system and a gravity-fed hot water supply? My old programmer was set to "Pumped", and I have a hot water cylinder upstairs.

    I've wired the wireless receiver following the instruction for "pumped" and deactivated the old thermostat. I use the tado wireless room sensor in its place. I receive heating, but no hot water through my tado system. Thank goodness for the immersion heater as a backup for heating the hot water.

  • If I followed the instruction for Pumped, is it still possible to configure (section 6) the wireless receiver for gravity fed?

    Just desperate to get hot water and heating working via the Tado app instead of just heating.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You probably have S plan or Y plan. You need to work out what your system is.