Tado Wired Thermostat Installation


I've currently got a Nest Thermostat E and want to replace it with Tafo which I thought would be easy enough, I moved Com from the Nest to Com on the Tado and NO to NO, however when powered on it seemed to constantly request heat from the boiler. Put the nest back in and everything worked as expected.

Anyone any ideas?


  • What Tado devices are you using? You can add photos of your wiring using the desktop version of the forum.
  • Jeffers
    edited January 2023

    I bought a Tado Wred Thermostat Starter Kit v3, the existing Nest Thermostat E heatlink cabling is attatched. The original Thermostat before I replaced it with the Thermostat E was an ESI ERTP4.

  • It should be a straight swap. What was the Tado set to when it was calling for heat? Did you try turning it off in the app, or restarting the thermostat?
  • When it first came on it was set to a temperature of 20, I lowered it manually on the thermostat down to 14, thermostat was showing 19 but it still seemed to be calling for heat.

  • Or should I have got the Wireless Thermostat kit?

  • If you’re happy with a wired thermostat you should be fine with that. Have you gone through the install on the Tado app, following the instructions it gives you?
  • Well I was going to fit some smart TRV's also, but wanted this to work first.

    Followed the instructions for the ESI ESTRP4 that was previously there as the app didn't show any cabling instructions for the Thermostat E's heatlink.

  • If you’ve followed the instructions and it’s wired correctly you might have to contact Tado support. Does the app say that it’s calling for heat? If it doesn’t then it’s most probably a wiring issue. If it does try turning off the heating and see what happens.
  • I'll reconnect it tomorrow and see what happens, where abouts in the app would it show that it's calling for heat?

  • If you’ve paid for a subscription, click on care and protect, otherwise if you look at the room tiles, they should either say ‘set to’ if target temperature is reached or ‘heating to’ if it isn’t.
  • Jeffers
    edited January 2023

    I've rewired it all again today as well as removing batteries from the tado and reinserting, going through the App config again and it appears to be working as expected..... unless I was being impatient or something wasn't just sitting correctly in the unit who knows. Will monitor it for the rest of the day and see what happens.

    Thanks for your help @johnnyp78 for making me think I'm not going completely mad or useless!