Tado not talking with Alpha E-TEC boiler? It's freezing :(

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I have an Alpha E-TEC 28 boiler, which previously had an Alpha Easy Stat wireless thermostat connected.

I removed the old thermostat and receiver, have installed the new Tado Wireless V3 starter kit which shows as all connected on the Tado app but the boiler won't respond to the Tado, in-fact my heating won't come on at all now, and the house is currently 14.4c...

From reading on this forum someone made the comment below with a chap who had my setup and a similar problem:

"you can either remove it and bridge the connection, or leave it installed and set to always on."

Is anyone able to help and advise how I'd bridge the connection from my pics added and what that actually means?

Pics 1-3 are the old set-up.

Pic 5 is the new wiring (blue & brown moved to A & B since that pic was taken as the Tado receiver wasn't powering on originally).

Thanks in advance.


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    I think you are going in the wrong direction. You have a great boiler that appears to support digital bus and yet are wiring as relay.

    You need the Tado equipment that supports it and you might not have that.

    Do you have the EU or U.K. wireless kit?

  • I have the UK wireless kit.

    Someone elsewhere has told me to power the Tado receiver from the mains supply on the left hand side of the boiler control and then link the Tado receiver from L to CH COM which I will try shortly with my red link cable that can be seen in pic 1.

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    If you had the EU kit, you could use digital bus (OpenTherm).

    You should be able to link 1 and 2 and get the boiler to fire.

  • Yeah I tried linking the Tado receiver up from L to CH COM but it didn't work.

    So you're saying link 1 and 2 - do the grey and black Tado wires stay in 1 and 2 as well or do I remove them completely/wire them in somewhere else?


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    I’d pull your additional wires out and put the red loop back.

  • So I've pulled the grey/black wires out and replaced 1 & 2 with the loop as pictures below but still getting no response at all when I request heat via the App/Thermostat.

    Any other ideas? Thanks.

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    I don’t know much about alpha boilers, but on ideal you need to put in a timer link plug if you remove a built in timer/wireless receiver etc. Maybe there’s something similar? On ideal boilers it’s in the section where the timer would go.
  • I can’t see anything similar for Alpha and don’t think the Ideal timer link plug would fit anywhere on mine unless I’m missing it.

    I think the ‘easiest’ option is to reinstall my old Alpha easy stat receiver to the boiler and hope the Tado takes over control.

    The only issue is that I have no clue where to wire the Tado to if I did that. Any ideas?
  • You need to connect together wires 3 & 4 (both red) on the time clock. Plus connect grey and black to 1 and 2 like you had originally. Do not use a link wire.

  • Thanks Grilled 🍻

    So after re-installing my Alpha receiver/controller, the heating is now working, and I can confirm that the Tado is in control.

    For anyone with an Alpha boiler/Alpha Easy Stat combo having problems try as follows:

    1. LEAVE the Alpha receiver in place inside the boiler. Remove your Alpha thermostat.
    2. Remove the link wire on 1 & 2.
    3. Install the Tado receiver as normal, with the black/grey into 1 & 2.
    4. Power back on.
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    Good to have an final updates, thanks.

    Would be interesting to know what part of the circuit the receiver is completing. Presumably you could link it out somewhere too.

    If you have no plans to move back to modulating control, the boiler seems to support weather compensation for improved efficiency.