Tado ignored temp settings and turned heating on by itself

Hello, first time here asking questions… hope this is not a too dumb one.
I had turned off heating (put tado in frost protection mode) during the holidays because my guests were away. This morning (no one home yet) I got an open window alert and found out the heating had been on (to 25C 😱) since last night at 10.30pm. How this could possibly happen and what can I do to avoid it in the future?
(I’d like to show you the schedule graph but don’t know how to attach pics 🙄)


  • I have the opposite as one of my trvs is not turning on when it should even though it is reading the temperature and sending this to the app.

    I have had a situation where a trv read (falsely) low battery and failed to shut off the heating, causing it to stay on all night until I noticed the next day. Could this be the same? In my case (as in others') the battery was ok and removing and replacing with the same battery fixed the false reading.