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Apologies as I realise there are a lot of UFH heating posts but I couldn't find anythig specific to my query.

Essentially we are getting some rennovations done and we are adding some wet UFH to our downstairs kitchen and hallway. I want to add Tado to the rest of the house (as I have had previously) and my question is can it control the UFH so that I have all my heating an hot water on a single system? If so, what UFH products are compatible with Tado? Do we just get a Thermostat for the room then how does that control the UFH? Sorry if this is a silly question.




  • Yes, you can have a single system to control UFH, radiators and hot water cylinder. The wireless receiver will control one heating zone, plus one hot water zone. A separate wired thermostat is required for each additional heating zone.

    For example you could have a Wireless Receiver Starter Kit for radiators and hot water cylinder. And purchase an add-on Wired Thermostat for the UFH.

    The thermostat and receiver are simply switches (controlled by the app) that will switch on/off the motorised valve for each circuit.

  • Thanks. Is there a particular type / brand of UFH that is compatible with tado or do they all work together?

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    As stated above, Tado will just act as a plain on/off switch. There is no element of compatibility beyond that.

  • Got it, thank you for your comments