Radiator Thermostat Battery

We installed Tado into our house in September 2022. There are 9 Radiator thermostats.

All working perfectly, apart from one room. It says the battery is low. I've changed them twice since September. Last time was on Saturday (2 days ago) and again today the low battery warning has come one.

I'm not using rechargeable batteries.

Is this an app fault or could the thermostat valve be faulty?


  • From 24 TRVs in two homes, sometimes we see false battery warnings. One TRV likes going offline occasionally. One TRV drains batteries every few weeks. I’ve swapped the battery drain TRV for a spare. We now replace batteries with eneloop rechargeable. It is possible you have a battery draining TRV.
  • I have the same problem with one room even with new Panasonic batteries as suggested.

    Surely if there is such a thing as a "battery draining TRV" it is faulty and should be replaced under warranty?

  • @DavidAlgarve yes, you should ask your supplier for a replacement. They may point you at Tado support.