installation with 2 zone valves ????

Hi, i am currently having an extension and am having underfloor heating fitted. the original part of the house is running a nest on a combi boiler, with traditional radiators.

The underfloor heating installer has said i will be best to split the feed and have a thermostat (controlling a zone valve) for the original system and another thermostat (controlling another zone valve) for the extension and its underfloor heating.

I can see in the manuals the possibility to have two zone valves wired into taco, albeit in a hot water tank style setup, but is there any way of having two tado thermostats, each controlling their respective zone valve ??? Will i need 2 complete and independent setups, or is there a way of having all these linked back to 1 central control centre ???

Many thanks in advance


  • Hello coxy731,

    Yes it is possible to have more than one Smart Thermostat to control multiple zone valves. You only need one Starter Kit (so one Internet Bridge) per home, and then one Smart Thermostat to be wired to each one of these zone valves. You can share our Professional Installer Guide with your installer (from the link below) and let him know he can consult our professional hotline for any questions or support he may need in this case.



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    Thanks Germán, most appreciated, do you have anything in pdf format so that i read up and can plan my wiring in advance ???? I presume i don't need the extension kit then ????