Battery needs replacing after 2 weeks

Just had the Tado system installed in an annexe attached to main house, around 2 weeks ago and just received an email alert to say one of the thermostats requires new batteries. My plumber told me they should last months even a couple of years?

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  • hipponax1973
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    might be duff batteries - I use rechargeables in almost everything now but the cheapest way to buy batteries (if you dont mind the environment) is apparently to get the ones at ALDI because even though they last say 35% less as long as Duracell etc they cost 75% less than the same so over time its a no brainer. Just a PITA if you are always changing batteries


  • @AliR we seem to get a number of false battery warnings. Check with a voltmeter and check the app, then check again after a couple of days.

    One of 24 TRVs in two family homes has been a battery eater, we swapped it for a spare.
  • Thanks.. oddly the warning has disappeared now on the app against the valve so maybe it was a false warning! I’ll keep an eye on it.