Why does my heating system still turn on when it is in a timed schedule to be off!

Has anyone else had this issue?

my heating system turns on regardless of being in a times off period, I.e. during the night. I have to turn the boiler off to stop it firing up! Any suggestions please!


  • I have an issue with my Tado room t/stat relay sticking on so calls for heat when it should be off. Contacted Tech Support and they 'pushed' it so it now works. Not happy as it's likely to happen again.

  • Thanks to my daughter who worked out my issue was the temperature setting during the off periods of my TADO system. She set the temperature down much lower than I had originally set it at, 18 degrees down to 15 degrees. The TADO now turns on at the set time and off at the set time, with valves opening and closing how they should.