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Hi all, I’m new to this site, My company is a Worcester Bosch accredited company that has been around for 15 years, I have recently completed my Heat Geek course and am looking to fit better Weather Compensation Controls and Priority Hot Water to new installations and possibly retro fit for my customers who are looking to upgrade their controls to improve efficiency.

I believe that Tado can now communicate with any Boiler for Weather Compensation. Specifically in this case EMS Bus. Does anyone know if this is correct?

With System Boilers I would be looking to fit an X-Plan system so I would need the Tado to be able to ramp the Boiler Output up when there is a Hot Water Demand and then modulate the Boiler through the EMS when on Central Heating.

Currently I can only do this using a Bosch Easicontrol and the integral Diverter kit, but I’m not really a fan of this set up and believe that an X-Plan would be better and more efficient.

Any information would be greatly appreciated

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    Yes, Tado can use the EMS bus to modulate the boiler. Watch out that not all UK Tado wireless kit supports this.


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    Tado only support really support digital control on combis.

    Specifically, they won't actuate the relays when in some kind of digital mode.

    Have a look at Urban Plumbers on YouTube and see what he did for PDHW using Nest.

  • Thanks for the reply, unfortunately Nest uses OpenTherm for Modulation and this is not compatible with Worcester Bosch in the UK, I was led to believe that the Tado can connect to the EMS bus to modulate the Boiler, is this not the case?
  • Thank you, which kits can and which kits can’t please and what about hard wired kits?
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    All wired kits can.

    Wireless, just the EU ones (they say Combi or EU)

  • I have just upgraded to a Bosch 36cdi compact and swapped my old v3 uk wireless receiver for the eu version using the ems bus. I can confirm that it does operate the boiler using this interface and appears to be modulating. Instead of a solid white led when heating is called I get a slowly pulsing led.