Thermostats keep going offline


I have just had my system updated to Tado which I find fantastic to use but a real pain when it keeps telling me one or both of my thermostats are off line.

I have a Combi boiler so my hot water is not connected to my Tado, it basically get hot water when I turn a tap on. We have underfloor heating in the kitchen diner extension and radiators throughout the rest of the bungalow, so we have two thermostats for each zone. Underfloor is wired and the radiator is wireless. The bridging unit is in my study at the front of the bungalow. I hope that makes sense. I do have a wireless booster in the loft halfway between the bridging unit and the kitchen extension at the back.

My problem is that one or both thermostats state that they are off line and some days they work fine, which I just cannot get my head around especially as all the lights show operating correctly including the wireless receiver.

1/ If the wireless thermostat which controls the radiators is off line, is that off line with the bridging unit or the wireless receiver next to the boiler or even both?

2/ If the wired underfloor thermostat is off line, then I guess that means it is only offline to the bridging unit?

3/ How do I get them back on line?

Regards Chris

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  • johnnyp78
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    You might need to look at moving the bridge. All Tado devices communicate with the bridge, not with each other.
  • Montage
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    And despite the name, please don’t think they are using your normal wireless network.


  • ChrisR

    Thankyou for putting me straight. There is nothing to say that Tado wireless does not work with an ordinary wfi booster. Even my plumber/electrician thought it did.

    Having looked within the community website and your two excellent comments I decided to see what I could do as our bungalow has very thick walls. Fortunately I had ethernet cables placed around the property and I found diverting it to the bedroom and then putting the bridging unit in there gives me excellent reception.

    Everything works super fast, so fingers crossed no more offline 🤞

    Again thankyou so much 💓