Wireless thermostat with SRV

I’m sure this has been asked before. I’ve just had Tado wireless (and wired - 2 zones upstairs and downstairs) and I have some smart radiator thermostats I was planning to use downstairs. Questions: should the wireless thermostat be in a different room to the SRTs and which has priority. Eg - if SRT is set to 21c and wireless thermostat is set to 19c which is in control?


  • hugbilly
    If you go to your room settings you can choose the control device. The wireless thermostat is likely to be more accurate than the SRVs . . .
  • johnnyp78
    All devices in a physical room should be set to be in the same room on the app. You choose one to be the measuring device, as @hugbilly says the smart thermostat / wireless temp sensor is usually more accurate.