App colours based on heating on or off

It makes no sense to have the app colours be based on a subjective assessment of the temperature the room is set to. It would be far better to have the colours change from, for example, green when at temperature and not heating and orange when heating. When I look at the app, I want to know quickly which rooms are heating and don’t want to have to read the status below each room.
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  • GrayDav4276

    I understand why you would want the colours to represent the actual heating condition of the room.

    But if it was done this way.......there would be people who would want it to be the way it is now.......??🤔

    It's a "glass 1/2 full" scenario.

  • Winnywood
    I agree. I would like to see the colour of the tiles be representative of what the current temperature is not what the comanded temp is. Also a indication on whether the valve is calling for heat or not. The slider also seem to large for the screen layout with other data being very small.