Saving Smart Profiles

I know that “Home” and “Away” are basically profiles but I think it would be useful to have more. For example I’d like to save my current settings as a “Winter” profile.
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  • royi
    royi ✭✭
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    Unfortunately, it's not possible to name profiles.

    You could configure the Schedule Days, then select the appropriate one when required.

  • Chapstar37
    Summer Winter Autumn and Spring would be useful along with Custom
  • Totalling agree with this thread.

    We, like a lot of people,…. Go to work Mon-Fri, kids go to school. Home and Away profiles all set up and working fine 👍🏻.

    NOW….. Its Christmas holiday time, Im at home for the next 2weeks and i want/need to change the schedule. … and in 2 weeks time, put it sll back again. 😡

    Something as simple as a few customisable profiles could be really useful!

    1. Home (default)
    2. Away (default)
    3. User 1 (Xmas hols 🎄)
    4. User 2. (Eco setting ✅)
    5. User 3 (Im feeling the cold 🥶)

    So 3x user customisable profiles, ….for me… i would have one for xmas time. This would be very different to my usual setting,

    Sometimes I am feeling a little green and eco, so I could choose this profile, closing off some radiators, introducing more A/C if the sun is shining on the solar panels and generally turning down temperatures. Boosting your Energy IQ score!

    Also, Sometimes we sll feel the cold more than usual, or Great Aunt Doris is coming over for coffee and cake and you know she likes it toasty and warm.

    The problem with the current App version is that there is no way of adding any kind of profile other than Home or Away. So to make any change is permanent until you change it again. This is a pain in the backside !

    Something so simple could be so powerful.