European Radiator Flow & Return

Bit of a random one this one. However, I was intrigued by another thread where someone posted a picture of the flow and return for wall mounted radiators (at least in some countries) was placed to one side, with the TRV sitting at the top of the radiator horizontally.

Does anyone know if this type of radiator design (i.e. flow and return pipe location on the same side) has a name? I have a couple of locations where this piping design would work much better than how it's done in the UK (i.e. either side) so would be interested in getting a couple.

Searching the internet doesn't reveal much, other than pictures.



  • It's called Top Bottom Same End (TBSE), whereas UK radiators are usually installed as Bottom Bottom Opposite End (BBOE).

  • gary333
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    Cheers mate. See if I can get one to try out. I’ll nip down to Stelrad tomorrow and see if they make them at all :)
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    You don't necessarily need to change the existing radiators. TBSE should work with any narrow radiator. If it's a wide radiator then the opposite end may not be particularly hot. Some wide radiators can be made to work by inserting a horizontal dip tube inside the radiator on the flow connection. This is a length of tube which forces the hot water to the opposite side of the radiator.

  • gary333
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    Ah, I think I might not have described it correctly. This type of rad design I was thinking of with both flow and return at the bottom on same side.
  • That's an H Block radiator valve. Not sure if there's a specific name for the compatible radiator, but often see it on the tall designer radiators.

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    That's good to know, as a couple of them I'd like to convert to fancier ones :)