I’ve bought a Tado wired thermostat which is obviously wired to my boiler. If I purchase a Tado Wire

Will an extra wireless thermostat help keep the rest of the house warm.
I have a Tado wired thermostat wired to my boiler in the kitchen and the rest of the house isn’t very warm

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    That’s fine. Should be fairly obvious once it’s installed but let me know if not


  • Not enough information to get a useful answer to your issue.
  • The Tado Smart thermostat starter kit I’ve bought is wired to my boiler. I’ve set the temperature that I want the house to be at throughout the day when in.
    Unfortunately, the thermostat is in my kitchen next to my boiler. If I buy an “add on wireless thermostat” to place somewhere else in the house, will I be able to control it and warm other parts of the house that are still cold.
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    Yes, buy the wireless temperature sensor (it’s cheaper) and make that the measuring device.
  • Is it easy to make it the measuring device? This is all new to me and I’m not very Tech Savi !
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    Settings > rooms and devices > click on room > select measuring device.

    You’ll need to make a virtual room containing both the wired thermostat and the wireless temperature sensor.
  • Thanks for your help.
    I may have to call on it again when I get the sensor if that’s ok