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Android Geofencing Nightmare

For some reason, I cannot get Geofencing to work correctly on both my wifes and my own Android phone, it randomly forgets we are at home and turns the heating and hot water off without us realising!

My wife has a Mate 10 Pro, I have Mi 9T Pro. On both settings I have set battery optimisation off for the app. I have given the app permissions to everything and the app has geofencing turned on, with the wifi option on and the correct home network selected. I have checked the address is correct which it is. However, still there are random times were the heating will be on, the app knows where at home, then half an hour later for no obvious reason, the app thinks we've left and the heating goes off. Also can randomly happen in the night, meaning in the morning the kids are cold with no hot water...

Is there something I'm missing? Something I've not done on both phones? It sounds like the phones are switching off the app, but both apps are set to autostart with no battery optimisation!!


  • Hello Zedx19,

    These steps are the initial right ones for having a good performance of the geolocation. In addition we can advise to review the specific tools that your smartphone brand could've implemented in this model or in this Android version that could be related to battery management/saving, as those are going to affect the performance of the geolocation.

    Furthermore, we can suggest to contact our support for a deeper investigation once you're sure you're operating with all the recommended settings.




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