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Hello community!

I'd like to replace my current thermostats with the Tado ecosystem. Great so far, right?

I'll describe below my current setup and end up with the questions.

I have a boiler (Viessmann Vitodens 050-w) which powers the underfloor heatsystem at the lower floor and the radiators at the upper floor.

At the bottom floor, I have 3 separate wired thermostats for each room and 3 manual radiator ones at the top floor.

Have to say that the boiler is always on and I have no logic in my system that's able to stop it or start it whenever it's needed.

Now the questions:

- what tado products do I need to replace my current setup in order for me to control the temperature in each room?

- do I need a wireless receiver as well so I can stop/start the boiler on demand?

- do the wired smart thermostats which I plan to use for the bottom floor, communicate with the wireless receiver? how about the radiator ones?

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    Whilst many have pros and cons, I spent £640 on Tado products a year ago and have saved over £1,000 on gas use this year.


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    I would "strongly" recommend that you spend a bit of time looking through the Community Forum and check out the range of "issues" of the Tado system........before you invest (a fairly substantial) amount of your hard earned money, on what will be an expansive and expensive CH system.

    Many people have bought their Tado equipment and then realised that their new system does not/ can not achieve what they thought that Tado "promises"

    Read first.....ask for advice.....then (maybe) purchase.

    ps.........I have a Viessmann Vitodens 050-w........and I (currently) have a Tado system.

  • It’s hard to say without seeing your wiring, but probably three wired thermostats for the UFH floor and a wireless starter kit for the upper floor. If you’re happy with that and you feel you need to you can then add Tado trvs to the radiators.

    Everything has to have a signal to the Tado bridge, which communicates with Tado’s servers. None of the devices communicate with each other.
  • johnnyp78 But are the Tado trvs capable to communicate with the Wireless receiver?

    GrayDav4276 Aren't you satisfied with Tado, as much as you expected, I assume. Are you planning a change?

  • No, none of the devices communicate with each other, they all communicate with the bridge. If you mean can they be used in the same installation, then yes. The only limit is one wireless receiver per installation.
  • GrayDav4276 do you have a wireless receiver connected to your Vitodens 050-W? If yes, is it on OpenTherm or just plain On/Off?

  • Because you have a multi zone property there may be an issue using a modulating connection. I would have a good search of the forum and see what other people have done.
  • @remuss
    I have the tado Extension Kit (forerunner to the current Wireless Receiver) this is connected in Opentherm.
    I have tried loads of different setups of tado configurations over the last 2+ years, with varying amounts of success and disappointment.
    When the current Winter season is over I am going to get weather compensation attached to my 050-w and reinstall the Viessmann Wireless controller / Thermostat....... I'm still pondering about removing all the tado devices and utilising old school "dumb" TRV's in place of the 10 Tado SRT's that I have been using. I feel that a "Low and slow" Heating regime as opposed to the Tado regime of "only heating the room you are in" is more effective for my household.
    I have also found (imho) that too many of the tado features either do not work at all or certainly don't work as "advertised" which I find to be very disappointing.
    Feel free to DM me if you want to discuss my set up further.
  • @wateroakley

    You've saved over £1000 on gas usage this year.......OMG what was your gas usage last year...... By the way, as prices have gone bonkers, it would be more prudent to compare gas meter m3 and not cost.
  • @GrayDav4276

    The short answer for 2018 to 2021 is around 28-30,000 kWh, or 2,600 m3, per annum. Ouch. The Tado controls give us the personal flexibility and control that a programmer, room/cylinder stat and TRVs could never do. The past 12 months with Tado are about 18,500 kWH, on a downward trajectory as we refined our use.

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    You must live in a mansion, or a house with no walls. It's nice you've saved money, but your savings are because you must have had a very poorly setup system before, or that you were heating up every room in the house to very high temperatures and with very high flow temperatures (which could have been reduced via correctly setting manual TRVs and adjusting boiler).

    Based on your savings you must be now running many rooms at significantly lower temperatures than before, as that level of saving is not possible from just running a lower flow temperature. You'd be wise to keep an eye out for mould developing from the large thermal differences you must have created between areas of your mansion if that saving was shutting rooms off for long periods

    For most the savings are very unlikely to ever outweigh the purchase cost (when adding in TRV's for most rads). For many it might even increase as the TRVs if not set to independent will fire the boiler more than before.

    I bought Tado for comfort, it's certainly saved me very little over the years, but that's fine I wanted to fiddle around.

  • There are too many ifs and buts in those rough figures to give any real time comparative results......but I do admit that I am a cynical person.